Gorillas & Primates

Uganda is the Home Of Ranger Africa Safaris and also the home to many primate species, both nocturnal and diurnal. We are pleased to be able to offer specialist safaris that concentrate on the marvellous range of primate species to be found in the county described by Winston Churchill as the Pearl of Africa.

The forests of Bwindi in South-western Uganda – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – are home to the magnificent Mountain Gorilla. Several family groups within the forest have been habituated to human visitors and it is possible to arrange a trek to see these magnificent creatures. A permit is required to participate in these organised visits with the skilled teams from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, but we can help to arrange everything as part of our commitment to bringing our customers All of Africa.

Whilst in the country visiting the gorillas, why not take the opportunity to see some of the other primate species in the surrounding areas.
These include:-

  •  Chimpanzee
  • Baboons
  • Black & White Colobus
  • Red Colobus
  • Patas Monkey
  • Blue Monkey
  • De Brazza’s Monkey
  • L’Hoest’s Monkey
  • Grey-cheeked Mangabey
  • Golden Monkey
  • Red-tailed Monkey.

Spend a whole day tracking Chimpanzees or Golden Monkeys deep in the forests or just enjoy a safari and see how many species of primate you can find.


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