13 Days Authentic African Experience

13 Days Authentic African Safari Experience

Your Safari, Our Passion

fresh water expeditions in africa with the Hippopotamus.


Our 13 Days Authentic Africa safari Experience, combines both the Scenic beauty of African. It further includes the wounder of the World Victoria Falls and also goes to the plains of the Masai mara.  For such, a wonderful wildlife safari experience that also ends up with the Mountain Gorilla Trekking experience. The famously described as the Gentle Giants of the Impenetrable Forest in the pearl of Africa.

A safari to Victoria Falls, big five and the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda.For Exclusive African trips and safaris.

Whtite water rafting,Bunji Jumping,Birding,Gorilla walking safaris,Big game and lots for tailor made tours.



Make a Safari of your choice and dreams

You can make any Safari of any duration according to your desires and wishes. Across African Countries. Biding, Wildlife, Gorilla experience or Holidays.

Gorilla trekking uganda

After the Lock down, we need to create an atmosphere for our lives that is fresh for the next start up, for the recovery from Corona Virus.

Eco-tours Africa Culture Safari

Tourism beyond Wildlife

The tourism beyond wildlife in Africa. Experience the African Tradition and learn how Africans lifestyle. With Many African destinations you can tailor make your trip to Explore the African land.

Eco-tours Africa Biodiversity Safari

Conserving Nature for the future generations, The safari will walk you through Conservation projects aiming at a Green world.This combines cultural heritage sites,Unique tribes in Africa.that are all meant for conservation.