30 Days Hardcore Uganda Birding

Your Safari, Our Passion

Hardcore Uganda Birding Safari with the Uganda’s Leading Birding and Primate Safari Company is a unique Birding Safari that is exclusively done by bird lovers, Naturalists and experienced bird guides.The Ranger Africa Safari Field Guides are the only ones able to fulfil this Safari’s needs successfully. We will set off with a strong mission of attaining over 1,000 species. This trip runs across Uganda from Lake Victoria, Mabira and through the country and end through the South-Western Uganda to Lake Mburo and lake Victoria.

Major birds including endangered bird species That will be on the list. of birds to find on the trip. This trip will be birding much as participants with Mixed Interests may join as we stand a lot of chances to Encounter Primates at Different occasions in different areas Unexpectedily. Please you will kindly tailor make  to know the bird species you can be interested in for us to design an Itinerary for you,just incase you are not interested in the longer trip. Perhaps on a highlight the trip starts from Central Part of the Country with the Botanical Gardens-Mabira Forest-Mount Elegon-Pian-Upe wildlife Reserve-Kidepo valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park-Budongo Forest-Semiliki Forest and the Semiliki wildlife reserve, Kibale Forest,Queen Elizabeth National Park,Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Virunga/Ngahinga Gorilla National Park-Lake Mburo National Park and then Mabamba Wetland.

Make a Safari of your choice and dreams

A safari of any Duration

You can make any Safari of any duration according to your desires and wishes. Across African Countries. Biding, Wildlife, Gorilla experience or Holidays.

Gorilla trekking uganda

Post Covid-19 Gorilla Safari

After the Lock down, we need to create an atmosphere for our lives that is fresh for the next start up, for the recovery from Corona Virus.

Africa Exclusive Birding Safari

By country Ranger Africa Safari intends to a ranger an exclusive safari,for the great wilderness experience.This depends on the time one has off the daily activities. Please let us know which destination.

Eco-tours Africa Biodiversity Safari

Conserving Nature for the future generations, The safari will walk you through Conservation projects aiming at a Green world.This combines cultural heritage sites,Unique tribes in Africa.that are all meant for conservation.