Kenya Truly is the Land of Adventures! Every corner you go to, a new creature is found that you have never seen before in your life. We have you covered with the love for Adventure. Lets talk about the Safari or trip that we had in August 2019 on the birding quest in Kenya

It was a rush Safari to make a decision as my friends had organised and decided to have a vacation in Kenya for a fortnight. We decided at once over an evening drink that we have to go for a Birding quest in this Land of Adventures. Mark was assigned the booking process and reservations processes. Our flight was scheduled for 24th. August. We left Hungary for Nairobi Kenya, our Guide Emmy from Ranger Africa Safaris was ready for the Pick up at Kenyatta International Airport. Our first day was at Nairobi National Park, This was for the Birds, wildlife and watching the Wild Game. It was a lovely day Well spent with over 50 spotting of birds. 

Our next day was travelling to the Massai Land of Kenya. Here Just book us at Ranger Africa Safaris we will be there to have all your dreams of Adventure come true. We cant wait to be with you over there. Our trip focused on discovering new species that had not been on our lists, we managed to get over 300 species with the help of our lovely guide, Mr. Emmy Gongo who imitates almost all of the calls. He is such incredible beyond ones imagination.

The next move was birding around Mount Kenya. off we set off from our camp where we had a lovely night, our destination was Mount Kenya National park headquarters for buying the wildlife ticket. Immediately we started spotting the wonderful species was our goal, our mission and all of our members had a focus. The Tsavo National Endemic SpeciesPark was ready to show us a number species that we had not eyed ever before. Our guide was keen at spotting new listings and our mission was achieved with no doubt. 

Kenya is a wonderful Land full of adventures and interesting creatures. Wild game everywhere nature is at its best. The wonderful people that are lovely, its the land of adventures surely. Cant wait to spend another fortnight in this wonderful country.