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Your Safari is Our Passion

Its the Best Place for your Authentic Safari Experience in Africa,after the COVID19.Recovery needs places of authenticity to your Oneness

With the Unique Habitats of Africa’s Deserts. This becomes the best place to visit and have it all for yourself In the Wilderness.With Safari Experts of Africa, we make it happen to the Wilderness.

For One. to have some time for himself and feel the greatness for nature, we come up with the best of Africa’s Iteneraries to suit your Need.And this is in Namibia

Make a Safari of your choice and dreams

You can make any Safari of any duration according to your desires and wishes. Across African Countries. Biding, Wildlife, Gorilla experience or Holidays.


Area:            825,419 km²

Population:  2.448 Million People 

Altitude:       0-2606masl


Being a desert is the main reason why the population is small and this makes it a top-notch for African vacation.

Some of the national Parks Includes;

  1. Etosha National Park
  2. Tsau National Park
  3. Bwabwata National Park
  4. South-west Nature Reserve
  5. Popa Falls Game park
  6. Daan Viljoen Game Park
  7. Dorob National Park
  8. Cape Cross Seal Reserve
  9. Namibi-Naukluft Park
  10. Mudumu National reserve.
  11. Waterberg Plateau
  12. Von Bach park

national parks of NAMIBIA

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Your Safari is our Passion
Your Safari, Our Passion

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